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Welcome to Kunzang Chöling of Evansville

Kunzang Chöling of Evansville offers teaching and instruction for practices within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Our roots are in the Nyingma and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and reflecting our affiliation under Kunzang Palchen Ling (Red Hook, NY) and their non-sectarian mission, we hope to foster the teachings of all lineages.

Kunzang Chöling of Evansville provides students a connection to authentic teachings and teachers. Bardor Tulku Rinpoche of Kunzang Palchen Ling provides guidance for our group—with our local center being coordinated by a 19 year student of Bardor Rinpoche.

We meet the second Friday evening of each month for dharma instruction, and the tenth lunar day of each month for Guru Rinpoche tsok. Personal mentoring is available to members making the Tibetan buddhist path their main focus, and who attend the monthly Friday evening instruction period and tsok. No Buddhist experience is necessary to visit on Fridays—just the desire to learn more about the Tibetan Buddhist path.

First Visit?

Simply show up. You don't need to call ahead, or email. Wear clothes that are comfortable for sitting (on a cushion on the floor, or in a chair), and if possible arrive by 6:25 pm. Attendance is by donation.

Our Friday night dharma talks are appropriate for ALL levels—whether beginner or seasoned student.



—2nd Friday of each month, from 6:30pm - 7:30pm for dharma instruction/Q&A

—10th Lunar Day of each month for Guru Rinpoche Tsok and potluck

—personal mentoring is available each month for those attending the Friday evening and tsok session


KCE meets at:
Evansville Power Yoga
4814 Tippecanoe Drive Evansville, IN



Our Friday evenings are suitable for beginners and advanced students.

The monthly tsoks are for those who've taken refuge, and for those who are interested in participating in the ritual practices of Tibetan buddhism.